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  • the taurus archetype within us represents our connection to our intuition and conscience. the blend will help us establish or strengthen this bridge to our EssentialSelf so that we can better listen and learn from the wisdom of our inner voice. ignoring or denying our intuition can cause us to only believe in the physical world of entropy, or direct us toward false therapists, counsellors or teachers - giving our power away to physicality (such as persons, places or things). the taurus blend will help us recognize which voice to listen and which voice to ignore to so that we can live a more fulfilling, richer, and meaningful life of everlasting fulfillment and beauty.

    taurus is an archetype every person has within them, according to their personal birth chart. this means we do not need to be a “taurus” to use this blend because it will help resolve problems coming from the taurus within. taurus is on everyone's birth chart and the house where it rules will manifest its energies. this blend can be used to enhance these areas of life. consider using this blend when you have a lot of planets in taurus. for more information regarding your birth chart, please visit our dash astro session page.

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