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  • sagittarius is a fire sign and it occurs every year from november 20th to december 20th. the sagittarius blend has been created to overcome any unfavorable horoscope forecast for the sagittarius archetype and can also support anyone when a planet is transiting sagittarius. when the sun is transiting the zodiac sign of sagittarius, all of the karma we have in this sign will be activated for us to transcend with the help of this blend.

    sagittarius is an archetype every person has within them, according to their personal birth chart. this means we do not need to be a “sagittarius” to use this blend because it will help resolve problems coming from the sagittarius within. sagittarius is on everyone's birth chart (available on astro.com) and the house where it rules will manifest its energies. this blend can be used to enhance these areas of life.