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  • Magically and angelically assists those who are lost. Attracts guiding energy into your life.

    • Helps to guide those who are lost; promotes being in the right place at the right time
    • Triggers the positive influences from the network of angels (synchronicity, good ideas)
    • Dispels negative angels and their disturbances (accidents, misfortune, temptation)
    • Broadcasts a sincere signal of commitment toward transformation for the network of angels to assist
    • Establishes and strengthens relationship with your guardian angel for protection, guidance and blessings
    • Lightens life-changing experiences that help you move toward the realization of your goal
    • Allows anyone to become and remain a host to positive influences and angels
    • Use to utilize and/or overcome astrological challenges (such as oppositions and squares) and enhance the positive transits (such as trines and sextiles)