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double happiness

  • Bestows good fortune and makes one lucky. Uplifts the senses and helps ease unhappiness.

    Parties, weddings, gatherings, new year, graduation, birthdays, "thank you's". This essential oil synergy makes the perfect gift or condiment at special events or casual get togethers. Diffuse it in your aroma lamp or ultrasonic diffuser or wear it to attract luck, happiness and all mentioned above and more! very good for anyone who practices feng shui in their home or office.

    Promotes happiness within to be expressed

    Pacifies conditions that contribute to depression

    Makes you feel happier

    Creates an enjoyable environment

    Restores a positive outlook on life, internally and externally

    Shifts negative perception into a proactive attitude

    Enjoyable for you and everyone around you

    Bestows good fortune and makes you lucky

    Good for couples and those in marriage

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