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Chakra 1 Essential Oil


This blend gets in touch with, balances and resolves root chakra issues on all levels:

  • Mental issues: poor memory, insecurity, existential fear, nervousness, lack of self-confidence.
  • Emotional issues: greed, restlessness, envy, rage, feelings of being left-out and ganged up upon
  • Physical issues: obesity, anorexia, hemorrhoids, constipation, sciatica, arthritis

Juniper, patchouli, orange, sandalwood, neroli, rosemary, ylang-ylang, cinnamon.

  • The essential oils used for this synergy come from the best growing areas on earth.
  • Contains sustainably grown ingredients.
  • Every product is made from carefully selected ingredients from our network of farmers.
  • Our raw materials are made at the source and we blend each formula by hand.

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