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  • the archetype of aries activates our ability to establish and structure our reality through the power of definition and recognition. using the plant essences connected with the planet and constellation of aries, we are able to realize that everyone is their own highest authority, and that there is no need to overpower others, nor allow others to overpower us. one ariean aspect of this, is the deconstruction of out-dated and stubborn structures based in dishonesty and poor boundaries. this blend will assist us in our quest to overcome limitations imposed on us, so that we can grow out of old environments and become the authority in our life.

    aries is an archetype every person has within them, according to their personal birth chart. this means we do not need to be a “aries” to use this blend because it will help resolve problems coming from the aries within. aries is on everyone's birth chart and the house where it rules will manifest its energies. this blend can be used to enhance these areas of life. consider using this blend when you have a lot of planets in aries. for more information regarding your birth chart, please visit our dash astro session page.

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