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Easy Ways to Gift Essential Oils

July 02, 2015 3 min read


Easy Ways to Gift Essential Oils

Giving the gift of dharmaceuticals sounds like the perfect idea, but you’re not sure what to choose. No problem—we make gift-giving easy.

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First, we’ve divided our suggestions into three lists for three types of recipients:

  1. Those who are acquainted with our products.
  2. Those who have never used our products.
  3. Those who are hungry for knowledge, which could include people who know our products as well as those who don’t.

Giving dharmaceuticals to someone who is acquainted with our products:

  1. Gift Card: Is your friend someone who loves to shop? Would rather make their own choices than be surprised? A dharmaceuticals gift card in the amount of your choice is sure to delight.
  • Refills of favorite products: Is your friend already in love with specific blends, sprays, shower gels, or other dharmaceuticals products? A thoughtful refill from you will always be welcome.
  • Say it With Spritzes: Does your friend love aura, prosperity, double happiness, euphoric, or many other essential oil blends that now come in spray form? Surprise them with one of our powerful, long-lasting, convenient spritzes.
  • Let the Keys Decide! Still not sure which product to choose? Ask our team to draw an Essential Key for your friend (or, if you own essential keys, draw one yourself), and let the magic happen.

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Giving dharmaceuticals to someone who has never used our products:

  • The Ultimate Bath Experience, Part I: Is your friend in need of some pampering? Brilliantly colored bath salts infused with our essential oils blends are the ultimate indulgence.
  • The Ultimate Bath Experience, Part II: Would your friend enjoy bubbles with their color therapy? Then our luxurious essential oil bubble baths are just what they need.
  • Power Showers: Is your friend an on-the-go sort of person? They’ll be tempted to linger when they shower with our essential-oil-infused shower gels.
  • Spritzes to Go: Might your friend enjoy a quick way to relax and recharge? Our extensive line of sprays infused with our essential oils are perfect for stowing in a handbag, briefcase, desk drawer, or kitchen counter for fast relief and refreshment at home and out in the world. Chill Out, Relax, and Prosperity sprays are just a few of the choices we offer.
  • Breathe It In: Do you have the feeling your friend would enjoy the option of diffusing our oils at home or in the office? Consider gifting one or more of our essential oil blends that many of our clients consider staples (see below)* plus a diffuser, along with instructions for how to use the diffuser (see below).**
  • Let the Keys Decide! Ask our team to draw an essential key for your friend (or draw one yourself, if you have a set), and the perfect gift will be revealed.

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    “Staple” blends:

    Many of our top-selling blends have been frequently referred to by our customers as “staples.” These include:

    2015-06-25 14.06.54.jpg

    **The Lowdown onDiffusers:

    • Traditional diffusers that heat the oil in a bowl filled with water suspended over a tea candle flame are very effective, and our first choice.
    • If you think your gift recipient would prefer not to use lighted candles, an ultrasonic diffuser by Muji is a practical, easy-to-use alternative. Although we do not typically recommend ultrasonic diffusers, due to the fact that the diffusing chamber is made of plastic, Muji is a good brand. If you do choose to use one, the diffusing chamber should be cleaned frequently (at least once a week and always when changing from one blend to another) to avoid build-up of oil residue. The chamber may be wiped clean with a damp cloth or paper towel for quick cleaning, or soaked in vinegar and water for a more thorough cleaning.
    • In any case, always refer to the instructions that come with any diffuser you buy.

    Photo Credit: daffodilred / Adobe Stock